Zii Egg !

The new Zii Egg launched by Creative seems to be quite promising. The Egg is positioned as a mobile computing device than a PMP and rightly so, if you consider the Nano sized chip with the revolutionary StemCell Computing™ technology. What does all this mean? Mobile devices become more faster, especially when multitasking with memory intensive programs.  I love this, because it means I can tab out of a game and edit my document without any hassles.

The best part about all of this is that the platform is called Plaszma, which is open to developers to develop nice games, cool applications which can run on the Egg.  Its not a big surprise when I say that Google’s Android OS is run on the computing device.

Is that all? No way!!! The egg takes full advantage of the superior media processing capabilities of the nano chip and features HD video recording capabilities & HD out video playback facility. More impressively, the device has a hardware GPS unit in it and hence has awesome GPS capabilities!  It’s a developer’s dream come true.  The phone has multi-touch capability which means more good news for developers. 32 GB inbuilt + 32 GB SD is not shabby, either 😉

It is strange, how it has a GPS receiver and not a normal phone receiver. If it had, it could have posed itself as a direct iPhone competitor.  With all the communication possibilities and Androids OS and the nano chip, it could have actually become the much famed “iPhone killer” that everyone on the market wants to be.

Anyhow, great job, Creative !

Check out the product demo @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZvJtt25Lpk&feature=related

and for product features visit http://www.zii.com



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